Thank you for checking out Presetopia! Here you will find samples of what some of the custom presets and actions do! Remember, Presetopia Presets v1 and Presetopia Actions v1 mimic each other, so both will perform the same edits. Please visit our products page for more information on the difference between Presetopia Presets and Actions.

JUST RELEASED!!! The long awaited Presetopia Presets v2 is finally here and ready to be put to work! Check out some of our new samples below!

  1. Select an image thumbnail from the top.
  2. Click on the sample effects located below.
  3. Repeat until you are absolutely convinced that this is better than sliced bread.
  4. **Crucial** Visit the Buy section to quench your thirst for eutopian Lightroom presets.

Presetopia Presets version 2

Presetopia Presets version 1