If you want more living proof about the benefits and value of Presetopia, don’t listen to us; listen to them! Here is some feedback submitted by our loyal users! If you are a Presetopia lover and want to be listed on our reviews page, please visit the feedback page to submit your review and be linked back to your webpage.

Sam Hassas |

I thought I had all the tools in the bag I needed. I was wrong. WHAT a wonderful, COMPLETE set of lightroom presets and Photoshop actions. The learning curve is almost non-existent. You will have very alive, non-boring photos in minutes. For the newbie and oldie alike. I recommend this product over the pleathre of actions/presets currently on the market. Nothing better. Can’t say enough. Fantastic, FANTASTIC product. Well priced as well.

My personal favorite is midnight B&W from V1. Use it almost exclusivly for my B&W’s, that were soooooo boring before). V2 is a continutation to the aweseome of V1.

Pete Gebhardt |

Presetopia because it’s the ONLY set that when you try them out for the first time you don’t actually like the original more. These presets just look right, with a current and fresh look. They also have what no sets i have seen don’t and that is subtlety, they are not OVERDONE. Presetopia is the main starting component of my workflow. It’s rare for me to have to tweak them and I don’t feel the need to go into PS nearly as much anymore. In the past year that I have used these they have saved me literally hundreds of hours of editing. I know them, I trust them, and me and my clients are pleased with the results. I also feel the price is extremely reasonable, considering the time that they have saved me.

Travis Williams |

I had both of the TRA action packs - and used them in my clunky post production workflow before - since I bought spencer’s presets I’ve barely cracked open the actions… AND now he has the presets as actions.. FTW ! Presetopia has totally redefined my post workflow - and saved me countless hours !

A. Firmani |

I keep finding new uses for Presetopia V2. It isn’t just for weddings; environmental portraiture, street candids, and many other styles can benefit from the presets. Unlike other Lightroom presets which seem overdone, Presetopia has a wide range of styles and lots of bonus presets not even listed in the samples. Well worth the money!

Nathan Cowlishaw |

Hey Presetopia allowed me to hone in my Lightroom skills and really helped me discover what worked best for me and my style of post-processing where photography was concerned. Presetopia allowed me to take my photography one step further to achieving the look and feel of what I wanted to convey in my images. It continues to be a pivitol part of my workflow. I’ve built and customized a lot off of the Presetopia presets and went on to build my own geared to the very specific look and feel of what it is I’m trying to accomplish. The presets offered at Presetopia are basically a jump-spring to really to inspire your use of Adobe Lightroom to it’s fullest capabilities.

Ryan Chai |

These presets are amazing, I have already shared them with two wedding photographers and they are drooling over them. I struggled before to get just what I wanted while staying efficient, now it’s like poof and done! It has helped my turnaround times by at least 60%, well worth the cost for anyone half serious about running a profitable biz. After 8 years in photography these have been the best presets I have ever used or seen. One of the key tools in our PP workflow for sure!

Presetopia = major win!

Tyson Egbert |

I LOVE these presets and actions! They are great for a beginner or a professional. There are so many options and being able to use them in Lightroom and Photoshop is a huge plus. I love that I can use them to get a basic look and then customize from there. I can’t wait for V2 actions for Photoshop. –P.S. Spencer is Rad!

Chris Rebo |

Since I’ve gotten the Presetopia presets, they are pretty much the only ones I use. The black and white presets are great, and there are a couple of the presets that get used on almost every image I process! While they aren’t perfect, they are the best ones that I’ve found so far without spending a fortune. Keep up the good work!

Lindsey Cahill |

These presets are amazing! They have drastically reduced my editing time and have helped enhance my images dramatically. I tend to edit more on the vintage side, and these presets allow me to still stay true to that with so many great options to play with in Lightroom. I no longer have to take so many images into Photoshop, therefore leaving me more time to be creative and out shooting! I love these and recommend either set (I have both!).

Alex Singh |

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the multitude of editing and processing tools out there, but with Presetopia your life is about to get to much easier. None of my photos go without at a least a few of presets from Presetopia. The best part is that they are well organized and easy to use. I personally love the tone curve presets, but they are all great.

Holly Mayes |

Spencer, I know you mostly from the FM website, but thought I would give these presets a try - and I LOVE THEM. You can’t even imagine how much my images speak to me now - I always knew they had it in them, but I now have the tools to make them be what they were always meant to be. :) To often word goes unsaid when someone does something wonderful, and I wanted to thank you for your presets.

HJ Mayes

Rengie Mendoza |

Presetopia presets save me a significant amount of time in post processing and dramatically reduced my post processing time up to 300%. A lot of my photos are a lot more consistent in tone/temperature. This is a photographer’s must have!!!

Heather Jowett |

When I first bought the presetopia actions, I wasn’t sure I would actually use them that much. I thought I might use on here or there. Boy was I wrong! I love this and I use them all the time. I don’t think I edit a single picture without adding at least the presetopia vignette to it. I also love Annabelle Blue and Hideout!

Gary Schmeidler |

I really enjoy using Presetopia presets. They make using Lightroom a snap and I feel my photos really get a professional look when using them.

I highly recommend them and they are priced right as well!

Peg Glascock |

Just when I didn’t think Lightroom could get any easier, I discovered the presets from Presetopia. It has truly revolutionized my editing process and saves me countless hours in front of the computer. Since I can spend less time editing with the same beautiful results, I can spend more time behind the camera which, as a professional photographer, is exactly where I want to be. Using the Presetopia presets has given me the extra time allowing me to book more sessions. And to top it all off, the price makes it a steal. Many thanks to Presetopia! ~ glascock photography

Scott Barker |

I love the Presetopia Presets for Lightroom. I used to have to do all my editing in Photoshop since I never really used Lightroom for actions, or presets. Using Lightroom along with the Presetopia presets saves me around 4-6 hours for each wedding I shoot!

Andreas Pollock |

I love all of the presets V1 and V2 and they speed up my workflow!

Eliud Matos |

I’ve got both versions and love them both!

Chris Emeott |

I love the presets that I have ordered for LR. They have streamlined my workflow and lets me spend more time shooting than editing. Thanks Spencer and I am always looking forward to hearing what your up to next.

Robinson |

Simply the best presets that I have purchased. I have been using Presetopia for the past year and they are fantastic. All of my photos on my blog are created using Presetopia. Love that midnight B&W!!!

Eliud Matos |

These presets are worth every cent! You’re going to love them.

QC Chong |

I bought both Presetopia V1 and V2. I love it and so do my clients!