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Presets vs Actions

Presetopia Presets are centralized around workflow speed, creativity and simplicity. Lightroom has significantly changed the speed and ease at which I can select, edit and process my photography. But I’ll be the first to admit that I occasionally extend my post-production approach into Photoshop to use custom textures, advanced vignettes and fine skin-softening techniques. All of which Lightroom is just simply incapable of doing.

Presetopia Presets does include some Presets that are not capable of recreating into Action form, like the Color presets. Fine tuning your Color inside Lightroom is much easier and advanced, and will yield far better and quicker results than with Photoshop. Lightroom also includes general “Auto” presets, and general Noise presets as well. Batching Noise suppression in Lightroom is easy and seamless, but batching multiple photographs using Photoshop can be very time consuming.

Lightroom is the dominant force in tackling my post-production goblins. It’s quicker, easier and more fantastic-er with Presetopia Presets. I honestly couldn’t live without it.

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Presets vs Actions

Presetopia Actions are the perfect companion to Presetopia Presets. They extend the euphoric Presetopia experience to Photoshop, and allow you to make even greater post-production edits with the same speed and simplicity. Many, many times have I already finished my Lightroom workflow, exported my JPGs and have started doing finer edits within Photoshop and wish I had converted a certain series to a favorite B&W tone, or change a few photos with a quick Tone Curve adjustment. Previously, going back into Lightroom, selecting the images, making the edits, then creating new JPGs was slightly time consuming all for 2-4 quick edits. Now with Presetopia Actions, all your favorite Presets are now inside Photoshop for the first time!

Just as Presetopia Presets includes tools that Presetopia Actions can’t do, Presetopia Actions has a few aces up it’s sleeve. My “Super Secret Skin Softening” action is to die for. Home grown and custom tweaked, it’s worth the price alone! Creating very realistic yet advanced skin smoothing has never been easier or better. We have also included a few Advanced Vignette actions, which would never be possible within Lightroom. No longer are you limited to vignettes in the corners, but now you have complete freedom.

Presetopia Actions now provides you with the ability to adjust the intensity of the action, whereas Lightroom did not. Love “Alice in Wonderland” but want to maybe tone it down a notch or two? Easy as pie, just adjust the opacity of the layers and WHAM! you are done. Experience Presetopia like never before with infinitely customizeable Action combinations!

Compatability tests have been made and confirmed for Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4. NOTE: Photoshop CS2 can not utilize 2 of the Presetopia Actions, both of which utilize the “Avedon” black & white conversion.

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Presets vs Actions

For all your die-hards that want more of the amazing Split Tone love that Preseotpia offers in both our Presets and Actions, we have created a little something-something for you guys! Our Special Edition Split Tone actions are made specifically for fine tuning your photographs inside Photoshop. Lightroom is limited in the extent of its ability to do crazy custom work, which is why our Special Edition Split Tones are to die for! It is currently only available in the Combo purchase and it comes free with that purchase!

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