For all you smart people that understand Greek, Latin, and are well-versed in modern literature, this one is for you :)

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  • –noun Obsolete.
    1. a place in which human society, natural conditions, etc., are so ideally perfect that there is complete contentment.
    2. Utopia.


  • 1. An imaginary island, represented by Sir Thomas More, in a work called Utopia, as enjoying the greatest perfection in politics, laws, and the like. See Utopia, in the Dictionary of Noted Names in Fiction.

    2. Hence, any place or state of ideal perfection.

So technically, “eutopian” is not really a word, since it should be “utopian”, in reference to the perfect city as referenced above in Sir Thomas More’s novel. Therefore “eutopian” is merely an “americanism” on my part, creating a word from nothing.

Please don’t send hate mail or “nanny-nanny-booboo” type comments simply because I used the word “eutopian” on my website when it really is not a word. Thank you for actually clicking to this page to read this nonsense :)