I am also extremely pleased to give back to my customers through an affiliate program. This is not a pyramid scheme, a hokey-dokey gimmick or me trying to pull a fast one! No, this is just helping spread the Presetopia love through my customers! This is entirely optional on your part . . . optional in that you DON’T have to accept $5 per new customer. So, if you are interested, you can join our affiliate program through the link below.

All that you have to do is place a button on your website, blog, or wherever you generate a lot of web-traffic, and let it do it’s work! The link will redirect to our “BUY” page where they your future $5 awaits (as long as they complete the purchase, silly).

You must have already purchased our Presetopia Presets in order to become an affiliate. Your affiliate account will be deactivated, and your mother will be called if we discover you are not a qualified affiliate!

Feel free to use these images below that we have created for you! If you feel you’d like a custom affiliate button created, just send me a note at talk [at] presetopia [dot] com and we can whip up something special!