Adobe Bridge/Camera Raw support now LIVE!

I just finished converting all of the Presetopia Presets v1 to be able to work with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW. It actually went much quicker than I expected, but, it’s all done.

It was a bit of a hack-ish attempt to convert, so some of they might have a little bugs in them, but I tested most of them. The only ones that might have glitches would be combos (especially “The Hulk”, I’m still getting that one down pat). They all work fine, but there is one setting “The Hulk” is bugging me with; no pun intended.

Anyway, all those who had previously purchased the Presetopia Presets v1 should have already received an email with a new file that includes the update. All new purchases will include the Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW presets, along with installation instructions.

Don’t forget, the $69 sale ends on November 14th! Don’t delay!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 | Uncategorized

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